We offer the following for you in the homestead:

  1. Banquet hall (for 50 persons) with a pond view.
  2. Accommodation (bedrooms 16 persons).
  3. Russian sauna.
  4. Tub with a SPA system (up to 10 persons).
  5. Swimming in the pond after the sauna and without it.
  6. We can prepare food upon an order in advanced according to the recommended menu.
    (variants I and II of the menu are presented below, not less than 20 persons)
  7. We set the table (you will not need to bother).
  8. We are doing our best to give as good service to you as possible.
  9. The surroundings are cozy and tidy here.
  10. Fishing pond.
  11. We organize live music shows.
    (Bronius Jonutis – Kretinga. Contestant of the competition “Lietuvos balsas” (“The Voice of Lithuania”). Band “Grašis” – Plungė, and lots of others)
  12. We offer high-class masters of their work as requested: a photographer, a filming service.
  13. We organize transportation if requested: (a bus, a limousine).

Confidentiality IS GUARANTEED !